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Elegant Chocolate Pietersite with Smokey Quartz "ShimmerBay"

Elegant Chocolate Pietersite with Smokey Quartz "ShimmerBay"

SKU: ShimmerBayNckl

The mysteriousness of a chatoyant (glowing area at certain angles) Pietersite stone is accented with 22 kt gold, 14 kt gold fill and bronze in this mixed metal piece.  The rich brown has a sweep of gold in the center that balances nicely with the Smokey Quartz.  The interesting design is the perfect accompaniment for such a regal stone.  One of a Kind.


20" twisted silver chain



  • Regarding Photos

    Some stones catch the reflections of the lighting or the camera.  Please look at all images and ask if you are wondering if something is actually in the stone or not.  I try to correct them when I notice them but honestly I think you'd rather have the opportunity to purchase then to never get them listed because I'm spending all my time editing photos. (Which totally "fries" my eyesight)!


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