Artist Statement

Susan Fischer Hayes

Fischer Design Jewelry



Sue Fischer Hayes makes each piece by hand, beginning with stones like Australian boulder opal, turquoise or jasper, set in sterling silver & highlighted with gold, copper, bronze or red brass.  She chooses stones that evoke mountains, sky, cityscapes or even abstract paintings. She considers the best placement of the stone to highlights its key features – how it captures light from certain angles - to determine whether it is set as a necklace, ring or earrings. The result is unique hand-crafted jewelry which juxtaposes different shapes and colors, signifying movement and stillness, presence and flow. Textured pottery, iron work, landscapes and cityscapes all inform Sue’s design aesthetic.


Sue is a second-generation jewelry artist, having traveled with her mother, Marilyn Fischer, to art and craft fairs across the Midwest for over 30 years. She began working with metals and stones in the late 90’s. She lives in Billings, Montana and received her B.A. at Concordia College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.