Wide Front Copper Ring "Yucca"

Wide Front Copper Ring "Yucca"


Handcut, filed and roll patterned this angled copper wrap ring will make quite the statement.  Made of 99.9% pure copper you can expect this piece to naturally antique over time which should give it great character.  The pattern embedded into the metal reminds me of the Yucca plants so prevalent where I live here in Montana.  


Copper reacts differently on each individual.  I make a habit of drying underneath my rings after washing my hands to prevent discoloration and reactions.  Hand lotion can also have an affect along with your own body chemistry.  There is some talk of copper helping with arthritis...may or not be true for you.


This ring is a size 8 but since it is so wide it fits more like a 7 1/2 -7 1/4.  It is somewhat adjustable as the front wrap is not soldered down but it is tough to move since I have purposely made it springy (work hardened).  You would probably need a jeweler to slide it down a mandrel and tap the shape back to round if you need much of a change since the arc is set for size 8.


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