Unique Mixed Metal Handmade Chain 'Landscape'

SKU: landscape handmade chain

This one of a kind chain featuring solid & wire links in sterling silver and red brass (14 kt gold colored) makes a statement while being versatile!  The gold colored solid links are roll textured with varying patterns creating a unique look paired with the soldered textured open links.  The signature Fischer Design handmade clasp allows multiple wearing options that will take you from Zoom meeting to art opening to nightlife (it'll happen eventually)!


Some of the styles create a wild 'earthquake' kind of look so it'll depend on your artistic eye when choosing which loops to thread onto the hook.   (The side cluster photo might be pushing the envelope but it'll work if you're just sitting!). As a sidenote,  plan to 'unthread' them one at a time in the reverse order you loaded them rather that trying to pull all through at the same time.  The hook is carefully formed to have some resistance for security.


49 1/2" total length

11  sterling silver links/3 solid, 14 red brass links/13 solid

Clasp is sterling silver and bronze gold

  • Handmade Chain Info...

    A handmade chain is a labor intensive process lining up tiny wires precisely for soldering, then cleaning, shaping, hammer texturing and carefully setting up the next link to be soldered onto the completed ones.

    You can expect the piece to acquire its own unique coloring as it reacts with whatever your climate is.  The whole piece can be washed with soap & water at any time (dried with a hairdryer, etc.).  

    Any silver cleaner from the grocery store will restore colors.  Storing in a sealed plastic bag is recommended.  A 'Sunshine' cloth swatch for polishing is included also.

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