Tall Australian Opal Ring 'Midnight Marsh'

Tall Australian Opal Ring 'Midnight Marsh'

SKU: Midnight Marsh Ring

This Boulder opal ring flashes with green in a jungle of dark undergrowth.  Multi banded ring shank adds a unique touch!  The stone is set in fine silver and the ring is bronze and sterling silver in a stacked effect but soldered in place.  In the photos,  the colors are all there but the camera catches them and holds them when in real life they are visible when the stone catches light from different directions.  I could think of this as a handmade chocolate that obviously has something going on inside...dark and mysterious...but not obvious from a distance.  Another way to describe it is if you were in a jungle forest at night and you could see green lightning flashing in the distance through the trees and vines.


Size 8 1/2-3/4  (not adjustable)

Australian Boulder Opal

Sterling Silver, Bronze 


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