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Spectrolite Mixed Metal Pin Brooch "Lightning"

Spectrolite Mixed Metal Pin Brooch "Lightning"

SKU: LightningPin

Like a flash of lightning this piece lights up in blues, chartruese green and rust only to quickly resort to navy black.  The stone is set in fine silver on sterling silver.  Fine silver 'mountains' edge one side with a wisp of Mokume gane on another.  An arc of textured sterling silver across the top finishes with a flourish of Mokume gane and silver.  This artistic piece is perfect for a jacket lapel, sweater or midweight blouse.  


This piece has been oxidized darker.  The first, third, fourth and fifth photos are accurate.  The photos on the jacket and in the hand are not. 


I would say this pin is usually blackish and flashes to the full color under certain situations.


1 5/8" x 3/4"

One of a Kind

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