Blue Pietersite Ring 'Night Journey'

SKU: Night Journey

Shimmery Pietersite stone statement ring with gold accents that will be your new favorite!  The comfortable square band keeps the stone from spinning on your finger. Blackened sterling silver enhances the gold on the band and on the inner ring of 14 kt gold fill.  Dots of fine silver add another touch of interest on the face of the ring.  The beautiful scenic navy gray stone is set in fine silver.  This piece was lovingly constructed and is one of a kind and one of my personal favorites.


Size 7 3/4-8 (not adjustable,  square shank makes it hard to measure)

Blue Pietersite with chatoyancy (shimmer)

14 kt gold on band, 14 kt gold fill inner circle

Sterling silver tapered band


  • Notes...

    Blackened silver is a chemical process that speeds up a natural occuring process.  It will eventually wear off in places  that make contact with other surfaces.  Hand sanitizers contain a lot of alcohol which tends to strip the dark color off also plus it is hard on the finish of metal in general.  Try to 'skip' the ring when sanitizing your hands.  Soap and water does not have any bad effects on this ring so wash and dry thoroughly as needed. 

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