Mixed Metal Long Pendant "Falling Leaves"

Mixed Metal Long Pendant "Falling Leaves"


A mix of patterns, shapes & sizes cascade from varying heights in this beautiful necklace!  Natural copper & red brass leaves are patterned by imprinting the metal or hand stamping and  are finished with silver top loops that attach to silver and copper hoops.  All the pieces are soldered or wired to each other and are free moving.  The top ring is large enough to easily remove the adjustable cord and put your own chain or neckwire on for a different look.


Throw this on anytime to add some pizazz to whatever you happen to have on.  From the holiday dress to your favorite sweater or tee & jeans this piece will add some punch.


The pieces will naturally antique according to exposure to humidity and heat.  A polishing Sunshine swatch is included as well as a heavy plastic bag for storage.


Waxed cotton adjustable cord is shown at 26" long but has another 2" on each side for further adjustment making the shortest length around 15".


These 3 only are available now.    "Yucca" is the one used in the video.