Handmade Long Oval & Circle Chain 'Rainstorm'

Handmade Long Oval & Circle Chain 'Rainstorm'

SKU: RainstormChain

Surprisingly cheery this completely handmade chain offers lots of wearing options.  The hook clasp allows any link to be threaded on creating a doubled chain,  pendant clusters at varying lengths as well as a 'Y' style.  You can easily wear this with suits, dresses and  tunics.  The long ovals are textured to catch the light and all links are soldered so having this in your bag is a great way to always look 'put together'!  It's a one of a kind.


It is named after the small raindrops that splat before a torrential downpour...in case your wondering :)


48" total length

10 long sterling silver links, 8 long red brass links,  lots of red brass links

Red Brass is the color of 14 kt gold

Clasp is sterling silver and bronze 

  • Handmade Chain Info...

    A handmade chain is a labor intensive process lining up tiny wires precisely for soldering, then cleaning, shaping, hammer texturing and carefully setting up the next link to be soldered onto the completed ones.

    You can expect the piece to acquire its own unique coloring as it reacts with whatever your climate is.  The whole piece can be washed with soap & water at any time (dried with a hairdryer, etc.).  

    Any silver cleaner from the grocery store will restore colors.  Storing in a sealed plastic bag is recommended.  A 'Sunshine' cloth swatch for polishing is included also.