Gold & Silver Band Ring 'Gold Rush'

Gold & Silver Band Ring 'Gold Rush'


Pebbles of 14 kt gold on a thick textured band ring of silver to match and stack with whatever you already wear.  The band features texture lines both inside and out.  The rounded square shape of the band facilitates keeping the gold part visible.  These are the last two in this line.  These are named after a show I strangely like watching on the History channel called 'Gold Rush' of course.  It makes me appreciate that some things take a lot of work!


14 kt Gold, Sterling Silver

Size 7 ... inside diameter 5/8" square    (ring on the bottom in the main page)

Size 7 3/4  ...inside diameter is 5/8" + (half way between it and 3/4")   (ring on the top on the main page)