Gold Brass & Silver Handmade Chain 'Sun Rays'

Gold Brass & Silver Handmade Chain 'Sun Rays'

SKU: sun ray handmade chain

Textured ovals of red brass (which are 14 kt gold colored) create this slinky brass and silver handmade chain.  The unusual handmade clasp is the star of the show making this piece unique and versatile.  The links can be threaded onto the hook clasp at varying lengths to create a doubled chain, a long pendant cluster, a shorter Zoom meeting piece or worn in a 'Y' style also.  Whether you're going casual or dressed up this is a great piece to have in your bag!


39" total length

5 sterling silver links,  24 red brass links

clasp is sterling silver, red brass and bronze (slightly redder gold color)

  • Handmade Chain Info...

    A handmade chain is a labor intensive process lining up tiny wires precisely for soldering, then cleaning, shaping, hammer texturing and carefully setting up the next link to be soldered onto the completed ones.

    You can expect the piece to acquire its own unique coloring as it reacts with whatever your climate is.  The whole piece can be washed with soap & water at any time (dried with a hairdryer, etc.).  

    Any silver cleaner from the grocery store will restore colors.  Storing in a sealed plastic bag is recommended.  A 'Sunshine' cloth swatch for polishing is included also.

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