Copper & Silver Turquoise Drop Pendant "Waterfall"

Copper & Silver Turquoise Drop Pendant "Waterfall"

SKU: WaterfallNckl

Handmade red brass & silver chain coupled with textured copper & red brass drops form an unusual pendant.  Turquoise is the perfect contrast to the beautiful assortment of colors.  This one of a kind piece will capture the eye at your next meeting or gathering!


The red brass is the closest in  color to 14 kt gold.  All of these pieces will change in hue according to the exposure to heat and humidity which will add a layer of unique character to the piece.  A heavy plastic bag and a swatch of Sunshine cleaning cloth is included to restore the original colors.


This piece hangs from a 31" (16" shortest) waxed cotton adjustable cord chosen for its softness and ability to adjust.  It's finished with a sterling silver clasp.  The top ring allows for removal of the cord so you can put your own chain in...if your chain end fits through which will vary with chains.


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