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Bright Turquoise Teardrop Silver Ring "Beachside"

Bright Turquoise Teardrop Silver Ring "Beachside"

SKU: BeachsideTurqRing

An ocean of true turquoise with a shoreline of whiter turquoise enhances the amazing coloring of this American mined stone.  It is set in fine silver and has a handmade tapered silver band with a mountain motif overlay of fine silver.  The band itself is square shaped which along with the unsoldered side of the band allow for movement over larger knuckles or the changes of finger size thruout the day!  Only one.  This is 7 3/4... a little big for my 7 1/2 sized finger but will also slide onto my size 8 finger after tightness over knuckle.  


(General info: Windex is a dream for removing too tight rings...tho' not an everyday use due to ammonia).

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