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Australian Blue Opal Silver Pin "Mist Mountain"

Australian Blue Opal Silver Pin "Mist Mountain"

SKU: MistMountain

Wear the crispness of a cold winter day on your lapel or jacket with this premium blue Australian Boulder Opal pin.  The shades of blue are exquisite and have a nice intensity.  It is set in fine silver with a base of oxidized silver. The photo on the black jacket and with it in my hand was when it was bright silver.  I have since oxidized it to make it more wearable and mysterious.


Hand sawn fine silver 'mountains' line 2 sides along with fine silver balls and dots scattered along the way.  Textured sterling silver frames out the rest.  This brooch will work best on medium plus fabrics because of its size.  It will work well to close up blouses that don't quit button at the right spot or are placket style.  It would equally look awesome on a jean jacket.


1 1/4" tall and wide,  Only one.

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