Australian Blue Opal "Sky Glow" Ring

Australian Blue Opal "Sky Glow" Ring

SKU: SkyGlow

This small striated blue opal ring has a sky aglow with sparkling green.  The stone is from Queensland, Australia and is set in fine silver.  An assortment of textures and shapes in fine & stering silver as well as Mokume gane (wood grain in copper/silver...Japanese technique) add special individuality to the piece.  The roll printed handmade band is tapered slightly and is left unsoldered on one side which allows for crucial 'give' when accomodating the changing sizes of a finger over the day!  It currently is a 7 3/4 and can go a little bigger but not smaller without overlap.


The finish is bright silver with shiny and satin surfaces.  The Mokume gane copper parts will turn dark red brown naturally which will be lovely.


Band is 3/8" tapering to 1/8"

The face is 1/2" across at widest